How You Can Use Rock Salt, Kitty Litter & Sand to Stop from Slipping This Winter

One of the biggest threats comes about once per year in most areas of America, during the winter it strikes. Nearly one million Americans slip on snow or ice each year, and 17,000 of these falls will result in a fatal injury, according to the CDC. There are three items whose combines usefulness have been sworn to by thousands of Americans throughout the winter months. Sodium chloride rock salt, sand and kitty litter. As strange as the last item seems, it is very useful in a slippery situation.

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Knowing the Origin of Horsepower

Horsepower is a word that is used quite often in the automobile industry. It references the level of quality in a vehicle's engine. Although most people are familiar with the word, many of them do not know exactly what it means. Even fewer individuals know where the term horsepower originates from.

The term " Horsepower" was coined by an engineer named James Watt. Watt was a steam engine builder in the 1800s. He had a new product he was trying to market and needed a way for customers to relate to its capabilities. Watt had spent time in a coal…

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Take Stock of the Difference Between All-Wheel-Drive and 4-Wheel-Drive Vehicles

Why is the terminology of all-wheel-drive and 4-wheel-drive so confusing? Isn't the purpose for both to make it easier to drive in bad weather conditions and in off the road territory? The answer is yes, and yes. However, the type of vehicle that you purchase will determine which of the two you get. The all-wheel-drive supplies a steady amount of power to each tire, and by using torque vectoring varies its results depending on the type and condition of the pavement.

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Proper Fluid Upkeep in Oneonta, NY

Your car is an important piece of everyday life. You use it for work, shopping, picking up the kids, and all sorts of other tasks that would be difficult to impossible to do otherwise. Your car does so much for you every day so why not do something very simple for it to ensure you get the most out of it as possible?

There are five major fluids that you should have checked and changed on a regular basis to promote longevity and performance. Those are the engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. Keeping up…

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Are Your Headlights Bright Enough?

It is very important to be able to see when you drive. At night, you rely on your headlights to light the way so that you know where you are going and so others on the road will be able to see you. In bad weather conditions, your headlights make it easier for others to see you as well and help you to navigate the harsh road conditions.


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Tips for Food Transport During the Holiday Season

When you head out to get some holiday shopping done this year, stop by one of your local retail stores to pick up a variety of food containers that are safe to take on the road with you. You may be taking some of your own creations to a party or you may be sending some leftovers home with people you know and love. Either way, you want to make sure that the food that is being taken on the road is safe as well as the vehicle that is being driven.

Food can get messy which is why we…

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Discover Tires for Your Car at Empire Toyota

Shopping for new tires is not typically considered a fun task. Nevertheless, it is necessary. Tires are important for safe driving. When you shop at Empire Toyota for tires, you will get the services of experienced dealers. We understand the many vehicle types on the road and know the tires required to help your car operate safely and efficiently on the streets of Oneonta.

Tire specialists know the difference between all-terrain tires, all-season tires and tires designed to operate off-road. A tire choice for the novice can feel unclear.

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